Can Reading make you smarter?

Can Reading make you smarter?


Bread Winner

Young lass of seventeen

Hails from a low-hut;

Shouldered responsibility of swelling family

Fuddled father, overworked mother, starving sibs.

Goes to school in the light

Comes to home in the evening.

Where does she go in the night?

The disclosure left me tremoring.

She gets into CSW

And satisfies whoever pays her stomach,

Wends her way homewards

And gratifies her dependents.

This is what of a breadwinner

Once I heard my friend say.

                                        – Krishna Kumar

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Life is not a race

For headlong legs to cross the line

But a spherical chakra

It’s from loser’s womb does winner sprout and vice versa.

Winning and losing are reciprocal

Like man’s two legs.

Too they are seasonal

They come and go in the horizons of human life.

A loser is not a loser

For he’s not afraid of losing

Then he too wins a loser

One who’s afraid of failure.

Adventure alone pervades eternity

And not the winner nor the loser.

Human experience cannot go beyond death

Indeed, it can beyond a mere defeat.

                                          – Krishna Kumar

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The Letter to my Dream


Oh! My dream, my sweet heart,

You only understood my heart

At that night, though our meeting was very short,

I will never forget the happy life lesson which you taught.

You made me believe as if I got,

Don’t worry, I will never tell others about the thing which is what;

No problem, I will be sleeping on the same spot,

Will you be able to come or not!

Okay now tell me, what was your intention?

Have you noticed my moaning?

Then why did you put me in tension!

The very next morning.

Really how sweet of you!

At that night, along with me, you made my father also happy

Suddenly though you made me sad

In sun light you didn’t hurt my lovable dad.

Will you be able to bring

The great Edison whom you brought to my sight!

Will you also be able to bring

John Logie Baird as you did at the same night.

You told, that I will no longer forget,

About our sacred meeting that should be kept secret.

Had you come to resolve my life-threat!

Then I will wait for you by sleeping as I slept.

Where did you come from?

And where did you go then!

Kindly do send me your address

Hope it will reduce my deep stress.

Don’t send it through Skype or Facebook.

Because, somebody will type and book you!

So we shall have a direct look,

Come, in the day time also, I will be waiting for you.

Don’t make me search you here and there,

Kindly come and be always with me, very near;

If not you then with whom else I will share?

So please be regular and reappear.

You came on March 23,

And shaped me like an ever flying bird;

Listen to these words which I never uttered

I know that you also would not have been delivered

Not a single soul had heard them from me before,

And no other soul will hear them anymore

Oh oh my dream here I tell you

In extreme “hear” I-I- I LOVE YOU!

– Vinoth Subramanian

The Letter to my Mind

OH! My dear mind,
My benevolent mind
Show me a path
Where, I am struggling to find.

You asked me to be happy
But I was pretending;
You told me to be sad
In fact I was preventing

You insisted me to believe
It was the only thing I achieved
You cautioned to be cautious!
But there only I was ungracious!

“Forgive me” my mind!
Forgive me forever.
I accept that I am a loser
Please allow me to be your sempiternal user.

Hope I was nice to the world,
Sorry, but, nasty to you.
I beg you not to suffer,
And promise me that you will never whimper.

Past is passed
We’ll forget what we lost
Though the hopes have seemed to be gone,
Let us wait and expect the dawn.

– Vinoth Subramanian



You are Wonderful

Felt so happy to Share this story…

The following true story captured our heart. It happened several years ago in the Paris opera house. A famous singer had been contracted to sing, and ticket sales were booming. In fact, the night of the concert found the house packed and every ticket sold. The feeling of anticipation and excitement was in the air as the house manager took the stage and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your enthusiastic support. I am afraid that due to illness, the man whom you’ve all come to hear will not be performing tonight. However, we have found a suitable substitute we hope will provide you with comparable entertainment.” The crowd groaned in disappointment and failed to hear the announcer mention the stand-in’s name. The environment turned from excitement to frustration.

The stand-in performer gave the performance everything he had. When he had finished, there was nothing but an uncomfortable silence. No one applauded. Suddenly, from the balcony, a little boy stood up and shouted, “Daddy, I think you are wonderful!” The crowd broke into thunderous applause.

We all need people in our Lives who are willing to stand up once in a while and say,

                                                     “I think you are wonderful. “

Jigsaw of life by Vivega Priyan

Every man in this world constructs his/her life based on his/her own wishes. After having a satisfied life, he proceeds on the track which he himself constructed. Every individual has his/her own wishes. How do people construct their wishes? What does inspire them to aspire? If we raise these questions in our mind the answer will be based on two ideologies that are influence and spiritual. Though you could raise many more questions, the main theme of the answer will be based on these two ideologies. To our question we find two types of answers. One is the spiritual type of answers and the another one is the scientific type of answers. Here the scientific types of answers come under the influence. Because there is no science without any influence.

The first type of answer is influence. It mostly occupies the majority places of the human thoughts. When a baby sees the world, it is being influenced by the persons and the nature. The very young child is first influenced by the baby’s mother. And it started to learn everything from its mother. The child starts to speak, walk, and play by its mother, father, and relatives. When the baby grows it started to learn. A boy/girl goes to school and study. Whatever she/he studies those are the influences of his/her teachers, friends, or the subject.

The subject may be sports, science, arts and etc… if one wants to have individual identity on a subject; he/she should have been influenced by it. Influences make them to be eager on a suspected subjects. We can have any person for this case. The person can be a scientist, artist, poet, business person or anybody. Every man is being influenced by someone or something. The nature influences human being a lot. It teaches a lot to the humanity. The man learns love, peace and goodness and everything from the nature.

For example we can take many great persons from the history. When we take Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart we could see the how he was influenced by music. When we take Wright brothers we could realize how they were influenced by birds and found aeroplane. When we take Thomas Alva Edison we could imagine how he was influenced by science and have contributed us around thirteen thousand scientific elements to the world. When we take words worth we could read and realize how much he was influenced by the nature. If we think of this list, it goes on. We could not put a full stop to it.

When a person starts the journey of life, he/she has to cross many stations by travelling on the train of feelings like love, marriage, sex, poverty, achievements, friendship, duties and etc… Finally the train may stop at the last station that is death. We could not get down but the person who traveled with us will do the rest, If the person have earned a good humanity, If he influenced anyone for the good reason. Human beings remain in the history only when they influenced the world through the good cause.

Only the influence can make us to feel, to fall in love on someone, to have sex with whom they are attracted much, to get married with their lovable one, to be friendly with the neighbor , to be true with the beloved one, to create a new world as we expect and what not… Everything becomes possible by the strong influence.

When a person influenced by the pleasure of something he/she wants to get fulfill in that. He/she wants to satisfy him/her self. That may be through drug, liqueur, sex, and it goes on. So that the youth world mostly influenced by pleasure through media and metropolitan culture. They want to satisfy themselves. For this case the metropolitan cultured people proceed towards pubs, clubs, dating so on. When a man from village scars to settle in the metropolitan area by badly influenced through these culture. And very many students from the rural places who wants to equip their life in a better exposure are restricted by their parents and relatives by witnessing the happen in and around the city culture even the film are mostly projecting these elements.

The type of answer is spiritual. It stands on strong rock of creed. It is full of faith, spiritual and can be identified as religion. Let us walk back towards the history. There we could see many tragedy, comedy and Historical events. Many wars indicate its reason on religion. The fight began from Cain and Abel still it continues in and around the world. Every religion have sucked the life of many people to lay a millstone in its history.

When a man thinks about spiritual he cannot step forward because spiritual is an unquestionable topic. It is the matter of faith not the matter of experiment able. The religion has contributed many things to the world. The second human thought is based on the spiritual as well as the first one is influence. Every coin has two sides. If the one is good the next will be bad, if the one is dark the another side will be light. Though the religion had done some unacceptable thing, it has given some wonderful things to the world too.

When a fetus is being cared by the mother, it started to realize about the spirituality. When a person is being surround by the time of dangers or being deserted by all, he ultimately believes the super power that is commonly known as god. No one have seen the god who popularly known as the super power the power beyond humanity. But few of the great men in the world who are good at theology, philosophy, psychology and painting have given the image of god which gives the pleasant figure and the world accepts too. They are popularly known as Leonardo da Vince and Michel Angelo and many. Those images are accepted by the people and they started to worship it as feeling pray with god and they put all their faith on it.

Getting into the topic, the religion has contributed very many things to the world. The very first thing is the holy books. Every religion has its own Holy Book such as The Bible for the Christianity, The Quran for the Muslims, The Bhahavath Geetha for Hinduism and etc. These great Holy Books contain full of philosophy, theology, morality, mystery, comics based on love, true friendship, good relationship and many life-giving stories.

Religion have registered its own place in the medical field also that have dealt with the healing process. It has contributed yoga, Siddha and many types of medical practices. The people believed in that, practiced and benefited. The healing process satisfied the people and it made them to be involved very much too. The religious person who practiced the healing process they become saints and even God. When a man redeemed from his sorrow he has the happiness. In those days majority of the people look illiterate. They are needed awareness and they were given awareness by the revolutionary persons. And those persons have raised their voice for the voiceless and they sacrificed their life for redemption of the people and the world made them as saints and Gods.

Influences begin from the world’s atmosphere but the religion begins within a person. It makes to feel “who am I?”. It leads the human mind towards the wisdom which shows the real solution. Even our conscious stress more on the good decision and leads to the spiritual path. If we ignore to obey our conscious it makes us uncomfortable in our decision. Because spiritual teaches the good and bad, does and don’ts. With the spiritual guide our life goes in a smooth path. Human beings are preached as every human has the image of god, so the people are pushed to respect each other. In Hinduism this theme is highlighted as “every Athma is Bhramma” which means every human soul is equal to God. The people worship the power beyond the human power such as sun, rain, fire, air, earth. And they have started to worship the animals which are helped him such as ox, cow, dog. They have worshiped even on which they scared on too such as snake, lion, tiger, elephant and etc. They world respected the female sex which gives the reproduction of life. So they named all immortal resources and the nature by the female names.

The people constituted themselves that are how a man should be and how should not be. That constitution lies on religion that is spirituality. When a man believes that there is a power than the human power there he realizes himself. Spiritual makes a man to think himself. When one realizes himself, he will not offence to the world. this tendency occupies the majority in a human mind.

Finally, whatever may be your thought or question that will be based on only these two. Sometimes the influences dominate the spirituality through science. Sometimes the spirituality dominates the influences through faith of religion.

Jigsaw of life

Jigsaw of life


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